Why AniBani

Ten ways Anibani can Save You Time and Make You Money:

With Anibani you can…

  1. Create Professional Banners in a Flash
    Anibani enables you to create professional banners in no time at all. By combining all the necessary banner creation tools into one web based service Anibani truly saves you time.
  2. Create, Launch and Track with One Integrated Tool
    Anibani is an all in one banner campaign tool. Our easy to use banner creation and resizing interface, free banner hosting and real-time analytics software make Anibani an obvious choice for hardworking designers like you.
  3. Cut out the middle man
    With Anibani there is no need to outsource the programming of the banners you design. Our intuitive, easy to use tools are modeled after some of the most popular design tools in the market.
  4. Automatically Resize your Banners
    No more tedious hours recreating your banner in multiple sizes. The Anibani “banner collection” tool enables you to automatically resize any banner to fit the needs of the campaign.
  5. Set your Creativity Free and Offer Clients More
    No more ridiculous size restrictions on your banners. Anibani provides up to 10gb free hosting with every banner, with no size limitations so you can offer clients video banners.
  6. Enjoy our Huge Clipart Bank
    Anibani’s free clip art bank means you never need to waste time looking for images and shapes again. Our streamlined approach on banner creation saves time and energy.
  7. Track your Banners Impact in Real-time Maximize your banners exposure and response with Anibani’s built-in analytics and integrated monitoring. Clients will immediately see the banners effectiveness and can edit on the spot.
  8. Jump right in!
    With Anibani there is no need learn a new program. Anibani combines the best features of Adobe flash, Studio 3ds max, Photoshop, and Premier into one easy to use web based banner creation software. Experiment and explore the Anibani editor for free with no commitment.
  9. Get Client Feedback on the Fly
    Your clients can see progress and approve banners with Anibani’s screen sharing capabilities. Real-time client interaction translates into faster project turnaround time.
  10. Access your projects online
    All of your past projects and files are saved on our secure servers so you can access them anytime or anywhere.
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animation banners and clips


animation banners and clips